Soundsation hear, see, touch music (Bachelor Thesis)


Digital Transformation C++ Perceptual Design Programming OpenFrameworks Music Visualization

My main tasks

  • All work done by me.

Project Description

In the scope of my bachelor thesis at Hochschule Furtwangen University I developed an application which makes it possible to generate three-dimensional sculptures out of a given sound file that reflect the characteristics of the particular song. The goal was to carve out, how music could be transformed into three-dimensional visualizations. This was achieved by using a suitable transmission of the music descriptors. The generated music sculptures are printable, so they exist in real matter. As a result music can be experienced in a new way and it can be used to store your most liked song as a real haptic object.

Title: Generation of three-dimensional sculptures based on the charakterization of soundfiles

Titel: Erstellung dreidimensionaler Plastiken basierend auf der Charakterisierung von Musikdateien

Implementation: C++, Python, OpenFrameworks, Echonest API