Erwachen Short Film


Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects Video Production Screenwriting / Storyboard Music Production

My main tasks

  • Concept / Storyboard
  • Set: Lighting / Sound
  • Postproduction / Visual Effects
  • Music / Sound

Project Description

When she wakes up, there is roaring emptiness in her head. She does not know what happened and she does not know where she is. He tells her that she had an accident and he would help her back on her feet. But she doesn’t know anything of an accident. Is this really happening? Or is she stumbled into her own personal nightmare? Images and memories crowd fragmentarily in her awareness and incite a nagging premonition. She must get out of here. Fast.

The Short Film "Erwachen" was produced in the Course Media Production in summer 2013.

Implementation: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, FL Studio