chARisma AR business cards - App


Augmented Reality MHCI Android App Unity App Development UI/UX Design Business Cards Human-Computer-Interaction

My main tasks

  • UI/UX Design, Prototyping
  • Implementation, Programming
  • Evaluation / Study Design
  • Video

Project Description

Wintersemester 2017/2018 in the exercise lecture of the course "Mobile Human Computer Interaction" at University Ulm we developed in a team of three persons an augmented reality app for Android-Phones. The project included all tasks started at the creation of the idea, prototyping, user evaluation , implementation and presentation. We also wrote a scientific paper to conclude our research. In this work we describe the possibility of virtually augmented business crads. There are several advantages of augmented business cards, such as fast digitalization of contact information and the variety of audio-visual expandability possibilities. Especially people or companies who offer services or creative people like artists or designers can use AR business cards to showcase their work. In this way AR business cards upgrade traditional business cards with additive beneficial information, without opening webbrowsers and websites. The results of the study show, that personal relation between customer and card owner can be improved by using augmented business cards. Participants prefered using augmented business cards because of the sensation of a personal interaction with the business card.

Implementation: C#, Unity, Vuforia, Android Studio